Pink Ribbons

Notice the pink ribbons that have popped up over night? 

It must be October.  It must be breast cancer awareness month. 

Bridges across the country will glow in pink light.  Runners across the country will be wearing pink everything. They will be running in honor of…in memory of…or to remind us all how important it is to be aware of this deadly disease.

Think pink.  It’s October.  If there was ever a cancer that can be beaten, this one may be the one. 

Think pink.

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Mully October 2, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Breast cancer seems to be one of the most funded cancers. New treatments, earlier discoveries, etc. Better tools for diagnosis means people are finding their cancer at an earlier, easier to treat stage. This past Monday was my 5 year NED. Cancer free for 5 years. The time during treatment seemed to drag forever, and yet the 5 years since has passed so quickly. (Not sure how that is possible). Many friends have been in the battle since- lost several good friends to cancer too. One good friend was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer the year before my diagnosis. The dr. predicted 3 months and she lived 4 years (she definitely showed me how to live). September was the month of childhood cancers. My friend’s little boy Wilson (just turned 1 in June- a few weeks after his diagnosis with high risk stage IV neuroblastoma) is going to be undergoing surgery in a few weeks. After the surgery the plan is for him to have a stem cell transplant. As caregivers you know the feeling of helplessness when your loved one is going through treatments. Imagine the helplessness of being the parent to a young child. I can’t imagine. Childhood cancer research needs as much attention as the adult cancers. Our little ones depend on it.


Kathie Scott October 1, 2013 at 7:51 pm

Let’s hope so and hope they will learn something that will lead them to cures for other forms.


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