Where Would We Be Without Them?

Where would we be without the nurses?

I know we look to the doctors to come-up with creative ways to treat cancer.  We look to the doctors to be aggressive.  If a treatment fails, we look to the doctors to come-up with a Plan B that is equally as good, if not better than Plan A.  The doctors are the trained specialists we lean on for our medical guidance, but where would we be without the nurses?

The nurses, highly trained as well, provide us with a soft landing when we crumble to the ground in cancer world.  When we first  enter the doors of this strange and scary place, our nurses are there, reaching out with a steady hand and an open heart.  How do they find the room in those hearts, to fit us all in?  They encourage us to share our fears with them.  The questions they ask, aren’t just about the meds, but instead, they want to know how we’re feeling!

Their support is in place to help us deal with what we’re going to face down the road too.  They are smart enough to know that sometimes just talking about our every day lives, anything to get us off the topic of cancer works wonders.  And, sometimes, it’s just a smile at the right time that takes away the worry and the fear.

They give us a helping hand by just being there.

As I was observing in a clinic the other day, I watched a nurse work her magic on a couple so stressed and stunned they had landed in a cancer center.  They kept saying “How did this happen to us?” We’ve all been there.

Nurses are born with tools the rest of us don’t carry.

It’s just my opinion, but I don’t know hwere we’d be without them.

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