A Heartfelt Farewell and Our New Home

I sit here at the computer and I look to my right and Leroy is smiling through a heart-shaped frame. His smile is fixed behind a small piece of glass, so it doesn’t fade.  Many afternoons, as I’ve sat down to write the day’s entry to the “Our Cancer” blog, I’ve looked at that picture, for guidance and inspiration.

Six years ago, Leroy sat in this chair and began to share his life experience of living with cancer.  He really didn’t know what to write.  He wasn’t sure what was expected of him.  He some how came to the conclusion that his heart and soul would find the words and his fingers would do the typing, and “My Cancer” would be the result.

What a combination that would prove to be.  I would come to call it “Leroy’s hood.”  This community of friends and fellow cancer warriors gathered daily.  This is where cancer met it’s match.  The honesty of Leroy’s posts touched a place so deeply hidden in all of us, we weren’t sure how to repsond at first, but when we realized these posts were the real deal, cancer exposed for what it was, the flood gates opened and the “My Cancer” community grew by the thousands and from all over the world.

Leroy’s voice may have been silenced when he died on August 15, 2008, but not this thoughts..”My Cancer” morphed into “Our Cancer.”  This community has remained solid and continues to share experiences relating not just to the cancer patient, but to the care giver too.  We need to thank the good people of NPR for recognizing that need.  They’ve given us a good home these past few years.

So now, it’s time to un-hinge the “Our Cancer” shingle and move to our new home, here, at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center website.  It is the perfect match.  The blogs will continue and your comments will be welcomed as always. 

https://our-cancer.blogs.hopkinsmedicine.org  That is the new address…bookmark it and use it daily!! Please, continue to be a part of our family.

We still have a lot of work to do.  We need to share our stories with those just walking into cancer world.  They need to know how to handle what many of us have already been through.

All I have to do is look over at that heart-shaped frame holding Leroy’s picture to know we’re doing the right thing.

See you all here, at https://our-cancer.blogs.hopkinsmedicine.org on Monday.

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