We’re Here to Share

Well, here we are, in our new home.  You know what they say about real estate…Location, location, location…What better place for a blog about cancer, cancer patients, and cancer care-givers, than the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins?

The reverse is true too.  How lucky Hopkins is to have this community share it’s knowledge and experience of living with the beast.  We’ve walked down the cancer road with all it’s twists and turns and surprises.  We’ve celebrated NED scans together and shared in the pain of remission turning into relapse.  It’s what cancer does in many cases and we know that too.

But after all this time, we’ve learned to lift when the load gets too heavy.  I don’t know of any one in this community who hasn’t needed some lifting at one time or another.  Cancer is a heavy burden. Every day the patient faces the fear and anxiety of living with the disease.  The care-giver picks up the pieces of  life that has changed forever and together they do what they can to make that new life something that isn’t defined by the disease. 

It means taking the old habits and tossing them and making new routines that fit around a schedule full of doctors, tests and treatments.  Not easy, but essential.

So, that’s what we’ll do here, just like we’ve always done.  Share our experiences and hopefully help some new members who are just trying to adjust. 

We’re here and we’re ready to share.

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