A Hairy Tale


I like to think I’m not a wimp.  But I must admit, I’ve been dreading the dentist appointment that was on the calendar today.   Leroy used to make this sound, mimicking the dentist drill every time I’d have my scheduled check-up.  He knew it would make me cringe and he thought he was so funny and clever to be able to make that sound. I miss hearing it now, but I still get a little worked-up in anticipation of that drill.

So, into the chair of cold sweats, I went.  I didn’t want to say anything when I saw my dentist, but I was wondering why his hair was so long.  I mean we’re talking ponytail length and that’s just not a good look for him.  But of course I didn’t say anything. 

The check-up and cleaning went fine and I unpeeled my fingers from the arms of the chair and got ready to leave.  I guess my dentist felt the need to say something about his hair. 

“I’m growing it for Locks of Love,” he said.  “My entire family is doing it.”  He went on to explain they do this family project every couple of years because they know too many people who are fighting cancer, kids and adults, so this is their way to make a difference.  And, yes, he knows he’s getting a lot of funny looks because his hair is getting long, but he just smiles to himself, because he has a secret.

Soon, that hair will be shaped into a fine hairpiece and a cancer patient somewhere will feel better about himself. 

Today’s trip to the dentist wasn’t bad at all.

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