Look Into My Eyes


Clearly, from the calls and the blog posts, many of us have been rocked by the ‘other conditions’ of cancer. These ‘conditions’ not only touch the patient, but the care-giver is in the bullseye too.  Granted the ‘conditions’ are different than what the patient feels, but they are just as powerful and need attention too.

Speaking from experience, depression from the pure sadness of the ups and downs in the fight, hit the caregiver just as hard.  But the feeling of inadequacy comes to mind. ” Why can’t I fix this for my loved one? ” Helplessness, lack of control, and if cancer takes that precious life, as the caregiver, you question yourself…”Did I do enough?”  And of course there’s always the “How did this happen to us?” which brings us full circle to the sadness and living with the loss.

These are not scientific issues.  These ‘conditions’ can not be resolved in the lab.  They are the human condition that comes with living in cancer world.  But beleive me, they are just as important as the science of cancer. 

We have hundreds of reports released about cancer every year, filled with data on surviving the disease, dying from the disease, being diagnosed with the disease.  What about all of us who are carrying around the baggage of the disease? It’s real and if you ask me, it’s an epidemic. 

 Look into my eyes…a caregivers eyes….that’s where cancer leaves it’s permanent scar.

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