That’s it…it’s all about HOPE!!

That’s what makes this all worthwhile.  It’s HOPE.

We all have to have it, otherwise why bother with the treatment, with the fight, with being a caregiver or a nurse….or with being a patient?

We are in this battle because inside all of us, no matter what hat we’re wearing, is that thing we call HOPE.  Chemo can’t kill it.  There’s not a surgeon alive who can cut it out.  It’s what brings the nurses back into the infusion room day after day and it’s what empowers the caregiver to do what they do…give life to a loved one, a fighting chance. 

It’s the engine that hums along inside the cancer patient that drives them to believe they can live another day, maybe another week, maybe another month.

And if that life ends, hope seems, for a while anyway, to end with it…but that’s the best part about it….it will come back…it will make it all worth while again.

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