Friends Forever


First things first…Al…you know we are all keeping a good thought in our hearts for you and your wife. It is wonderful news to hear she is improving.  Hour by hour, we can only hope that continues.

Laurie Hirth…where have you been?  What a great surprise to “see” you here.  Isn’t it great that our group continues to grow, but we have our core, those who rooted in this community years ago and stick with us.  I appreciate every single one of you, more than you know.

Actually, Laurie used an interesting phrase in her post…the “friends we never met.” I guess we are that, but we have helped each other through so much cancer chaos over the years, I’ve always felt we really have met, at the toughest turning points in our lives.

It makes me wonder about all the times we’ve passed strangers on the street, in the grocery store, at the gas station, smiled at them, and for that fleeting moment, connected.  Are they struggling in cancer world?  Have they visited our community?  Should they be a “friend we never met?”

We are a powerful group.  Cancer, as horrible as it is, has taught us some great lessons in life.  We’re survivors now.  We’ve learned to navigate a world that puts up terrible obstacles along the way.

We’ve learned patience and we’ve learned how to conserve our energy for the really tough times, and some of us have a masters in caregiving now.  We’ve learned to share too.  Especially here, at “Our Cancer.”

As the saying goes, “we’ve gone to school on cancer.”

And we’re friends forever.

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