I never got either one of their names. But I’ll remember them forever.  You never forget the angels in your life, especially when they visit you in cancer world.

 It was after midnight, Leroy was hanging on to life by a thread.  I’d held on to his hand so tightly as the O-R nurses wheeled him closer to the door that would separate us for many hours…maybe even forever.  The doctor had been very clear that his chances of coming through this spinal surgery were slim.  I didn’t want to let go, but I had to let go, so I kissed him and told him I’d see him when he woke up in recovery.  

 The floor was pretty much deserted  I walked toward the waiting room.  It would be a very long night. 

I never got her name. She just appeared with warmed blankets and pillows.  She told me to get as comfortable as possible and out the door she went.  She was angel  number one, that night.  Some one to take care of me when I really needed it. 

Same night, different nurse, or angel. This one was my life-line to the operating room.  Like clock-work, she would call me every couple of hours to give me an update on how the surgery was progressing.  And when it came time for her shift to end, as the new day dawned, she decided, she couldn’t leave me now…so, she stayed until Leroy was safely on his way to recovery.  We met outside the O-R and she put her arms around me like angels do.

Pierse, our oncology nurse, our angel from the first day at the cancer center until, well, she’s still a part of my life.  Angels don’t come any better equipped than Pierse.  

We meet so many of these angels as we make our way on this cancer journey.

They come in all shapes, sizes and skills.  They wear scrubs, they can hang a bag of chemo, change a dressing, they can find a vein, they know when to smile and they know how to take away the worry.

Angels rule!!

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