It’s All About Control


Let’s call this day, OUR day. 

We’re taking control of the day.  We all know how important it is to stay in control while we’re in a cancer fight.  There are so many new voices stepping in, trying to pull us one way and then another, it’s not unusual to feel like you’re spinning out of control.  There are so many decisions to make.  Some doctors try to make the choices for you, while others throw out so many options, you’re blown away by what’s in front of you.  So today, I’m here to remind you to stay in control.

If you don’t know all the answers, ask.  It’s as simple as that. Ask questions and get answers that will help with your decisions.  Making the right choice is especially important in cancer world.  Talk it over with your caregiver.  Sometimes another voice on the subject brings in another point of view that will lead to a better decision about treatment or looking toward the next bend in the road.

But stay in control.  You’ve been there for a long time,and just because cancer is in the room, shouldn’t change that part of you.

When we’re making our own choices, we feel empowered and that gives us strength to fight even harder.

With cancer, you get an extra layer of “tough.”  There’s a reason for that.  We all need the “tough” part to stay in the “control” part.

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