The Waiting Game


The clock is always ticking in cancer world.

If cancer is a hereditary concern, it’s just a matter of time before the genes do what they’ve been preset to do and the cancer begins to grow.  In some cases of breast cancer, or colon cancer and others, it’s important to start the check-ups early to monitor any early signs of changes.  There are so many tests now that can do that.

And then there’s the more immediate time frame.  Going to the doctor, getting blood tests or scans that will tell the tale of where the cancer is at this moment.  It’s a pins and needles kind of day.  We’ve all sat there waiting to hear what the results will say.  There isn’t a more anxiety filled time than waiting for that exam room door to open, when the doctor walks in to report on the report.  But wait, not everyone gets those results so quickly.  Instead of a few hours, it can be days, even a week or more for that phone to ring with results.  It’s agony.  We all know that in this age of medical machinery, tests are completed and results can be had in hours.  Sure, they need to be read and written-up by an expert, the doctor has to review it too, but as the clocks ticks, the patient can hardly resume a normal routine until the resutls are known.

Time, precious time…give us those results.  We need to know.  

Good news, not so good news, we’re living with cancer, so we’re already prepared for either outcome. It’s just the “time thing,” the waiting, that really makes us crazy.

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