No one should ever, and I mean ever, feel like a number, or a medical file, while waiting on care at a cancer center. 

If that has happened to you, don’t stand for it again.  Instead, stand-up, find someone who can direct you to a supervisor and complain.  LOUDLY.

Cancer may be changing your health.  It may be changing the way you look and the way you feel, but it hasn’t taken away who you are.  You are a bright, functioning, person. YOU count, just like anyone else counts in this world.  No one should have the ability to make you feel less than that. 

So, if that happens, get up and get angry.  It’s OK to voice your opinion. 

Cancer centers employ a lot of people.  Some of them, unfortunately, were absent the day they taught manners and how to treat a patient.  So it’s up to you to sometimes do a little teaching on your treatment day. 

Remember, you’re not a number, but you do count!!

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