Say What?


Have we gotten bolder when it comes to standing up for ourselves or our loved ones? Just because it’s the way of the world now, do we have to speak-up or end-up with tire tracks on our backs?!!  It seems that way.

Reading your comments and seeing all of these insensitive remarks made in a hospital setting, in a cancer world setting is so awful.  I have a few of my own that will never leave me and I’m remembering from Leory’s first surgery.  That’s going back more than nine years now.  The comment a surgeon made to us when she was doing a post-op exam on him.  She looked up and said, “We all have an end date.”

She never put a foot in that hospital room again.  I made sure of that.

Where do these people put their common sense?  Did they have any to begin with?

Every medical team and I mean nurses, doctors, aides, everyone, should gather at the beginning of their shifts and be reminded of where they are working and how fragile the patient is, in each and every room they will enter.  If they are not qualified to give medical advice, or offer up information, then they shouldn’t open their mouths.  And for heavens sake, check the stupid remarks at the door. If they fail to do this, then they get what they deserve.  A stong verbal reminder that they goofed big time!

It can happen once.  We all get a pass, once.  But if it happens twice, shame on us.

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