The Photo Album of Life


Making memories.  That’s what life is all about isn’t it? 

As a kid growing up, I was lucky enough to be a part of a group who grew up on the same street.  There must have been 30 of us all within a few years of each other and we did everything together. We played sports according to the seasons.  It was easy to do that living in Southern California. Baseball in summer, basketball in the fall, football in the winter.  The boys even tolerated the girls! And we made great memories. 

We still get together and remember the good times.  We have photo albums that make us laugh and we enjoy the “good ‘ol days.”

My photo albums from cancer world are in my head.  I remember so many of the days walking into the cancer center.  I mean I remember them clearly.  I see Leroy walking into the exam rooms.  I see him in the hospital bed.  I see him getting ready for his RFA’s and his visits with the doctors.  I remember so much of those years, so clearly. 

There are days when I can’t remember what I had for dinner, but I remember cancer world.  I even remember conversations.  Important turning points in his fight with the disease. 

Do you think these will ever fade from my minds’ memory book?  In some ways, I hope they remain with me always.  That time changed me forever.  I learned about life and I learned about death.  I learned about struggle and I witnessed, from the front row, how different people are, when they are faced with great misfortune. 

Leroy and I made some great memories in the midst of all this chaos too.  I pray those precious moments are on speed dial to the day I take my last breath. 

It’s all about the memories.  They make the life.  We need to remember.

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