A Dusty Easter Basket Now


Talk about memories, closure and remembering.  Here we are in the midst of another holiday season.  Easter weekend is upon us, Passover is almost half over and just feeling Spring’s wonderful embrace has opened up another page out of my memory album with Leroy.

I’m so grateful to have all these moments stored away for instant access, but God help anyone who asks me how I’m doing these days, because they will get a truthful answer.  I MISS HIM. 

 I miss putting that Easter basket filled with See’s candy Easter eggs and that big chocolate bunny on his side of the bed.  It happened every year, but he’d still pretend to be surprised. I MISS HIM.

As Mo said, the hole goes deeper.  She’s right, it does.  I guess time does that, but the missing and the loss can’t be erased. 

Some people are better at substituting, finding a fill-in or replacement.  You can’t convince me they find a match, but they do find a someone who can be a companion.  That’s an important piece to some who don’t like being alone.  

For now, I’ll take the memories.  They fill the empty part of me with great images of a life I loved and the man I loved who helped make that life.

Wishing you all a good holiday, with happy memories to fill you up.

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