We’re Just Not the Same


It comes in waves.  All of sudden television and radio ads talking about cancer, all types of cancer.

Michael Douglas was just on Oprah talking about his battle with stage-4 throat cancer.  His doctors have given him an optimistic diagnosis.  Douglas says they’ve gotten all of it He also says the entire experience has changed his life.  He talked about how his kids are his priority now.  His career has slipped a few spots on the life ladder.  That’s not surprising is it?

All of us who have been down the cancer road have gone through much the same transformation.  Life takes on new meaning.  What was our normal, is gone and we make a new normal.  Priorities shift.  Infact, we forget most of those old priorities as we try to settle into a different life.

I watched Michael Douglas as he spoke about his cancer.  He looks different.  He still resembles his famous Dad, Kirk, so much, but the change is in his eyes.  It’s where cancer leaves its mark.  There’s something to be said about the eyes being the window to the soul, because once cancer has knocked, the signs of a change is first reflected in our eyes. 

The confidence, the self-esteem, all the things that come together to make us who we are, take a hit.  Cancer attacks an organ, but it wounds the heart and damages the soul.

Victor or victim…it makes no difference.

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