Thinking of Them


Sometimes events dictate topics and for me today is one of those days.

I just spoke to friend who is down in Mississippi in the aftermath of the tornado outbreak that started yesterday afternoon and continued to ravage the South throughout the night.  He’s down there shooting footage for NBC NEWS.  This guy has seen a lot of destruction over the years, covering war, hurricanes, tsunamis.  You name it, he’s seen his share of bad news.  He told me he’s never seen this kind of damage, in such a wide area, EVER.  What’s worse is he knows that under all this destroyed property, victims of these tornados will be found. 

The loss of life from all those twisters will set new records.  The weather history books will be rewritten after last night.  It’s such a wake-up call for all of us and a reminder that we are not in control. 

But we do have control of our thoughts and those should be with the victims families this day and for many days to come.

Heartbreak and sadness has many faces.

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