It’s a Tiara Kind of Day


It’s been a day.

I don’t know how many of you set your alarm and got up to watch the Royal wedding this morning, but if you did, you saw a flawless, extraordinary event.  The Brits do know how to put on the pomp.  This might sound odd, but in the midst of this super-sized gala, they managed to pull off a very personal, beautiful moment where two young lives, obviously in love, were joined forever.  With just a few billion people watching, they did it their way! 

I think we all need a little Royal wedding fix every now and then.  It’s good for the soul.  We deal with so many life changing events in our daily lives.  In this community, we’re faced with life and death health decisions constantly. 

Watching a piece of history unfold that isn’t related to war or weather or health is OK in my book. 

Our tiara’s might be a bit tarnished from lack of use, but a little polish and we clean-up just fine.

There’s plenty of time to get back to the real world.  Have a good weekend.

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