Research is the Key


This is National Cancer Research month. 

That pretty much says it like it is.  Without the many thousands of labs across the country, cancer would still be in charge.  It’s not in charge anymore.  It’s still a beast and it still kills, but we’ve come giant steps since the days of one-chemo-for-all. 

Remember when chemo therapy, and they meant that as a singular therapy, would be the answer to stopping cancer in it’s tracks?  Years have gone by, chemo’s have been refined, many other treatments have been introduced and some cancers have been actually been stopped.

Think about whats been going on in so many of these labs.  The genome has been charted, cancer genes have been discovered by seriously brilliant researchers and we’ve leveled cancer’s playing field because of it.

In science time, these successes have happened very fast.  In ‘I have cancer and I want a cure’ time, it hasn’t happened fast enough.  Believe me, I know.

So I suppose that’s why they have a named ‘research month.’  No one group puts its hand out more than another, but I’m sure it’s here to make all of us aware that without our donations, these advances could not happen.

Research is key in cancer.  Caregiving is key in cancer.  We need to support both.

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