He’s Back


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the sparkle behind those eyes. 

My friend Bruce found out he had a very serious form of leukemia just over a year ago and since then he’s been using every ounce of energy, grit and stamina to just stay alive.  I doubt he’s been worrying about his ‘sparkle.’  But, I’ve been watching for it, hoping one day I’d see that twinkle in his eyes return and that day has come. 

It’s a happy time for me.  There were days, actually weeks, when I was worried that the disease was getting the best of him.  If it wasn’t the cancer that was weighing in, it was the treatment that was more than he could handle.  He had a bone marrow transplant.  NOT an easy procedure to come back from, to say the least. 

It’s like Leroy once said…”My doctors are trying to kill me.”  Remember that blog…when he wrote about  how the chemo and all the other drugs could do bigger damage than the cancer itself? Well, that was Bruce too.  With no immune system, leukemia lurking, a beat-up and tired body, he was at his weakest point. 

But he’s a fighter, he’s proven that and I’m so proud of that fighting spirit.  Once again, and for a long time, I hope, cancer has been beaten back. 

I have seen the ‘sparkle’ in those eyes.  The spirit has returned.  He’s back.

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