Pay the Cancer Toll


We’ve all paid the Cancer Toll. 

The cost of what this disease does to a couple or a family can not be measured in dollars.  We can leave that to the health care guru’s who are trying to trim what they consider to be the fat off our health care bills.

I’m talking about the stress and strain and day to day life changes that cancer creates.  Patients who spend months and years making trips to their cancer centers for treatments, driven by loved ones who have turned into caregivers. We try to hold it all together, not just at the treatment centers but at home too.  Some one who wears many hats in a regular life, now adds the hat of the caregiver into the mix and it’s a whole new ballgame. 

Remember when our days were packed with work and errands and getting kids to baseball or gymnastics or after-school events?  There wasn’t much room for anything else. But that was life…busy and full.   Add cancer into the mix and it all changes.

The rhythm of life gets a new count. 

My dictionary says a toll is the “cost of achievement in loss or suffering.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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