Nurses Rule!!

It’s Nurses Appreciation Week….

How do we thank them for all they do for us?  I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just impossible to do that.

Nurses are the life-line between patient and care, between patient and doctor, between patient and comfort. 

In Cancer World, they are the keeper of the keys to our well-being.

They make us feel like we’re their only patient, when we know many more came before us and many more will be seen after us.  They remember what was bothering us on the last visit and ask how we’re feeling today.  If the chemo is causing side effects, they will see it on our faces from across the room and almost by magic, a gentle hand will appear to provide some extra support.

If cancer has forced us into a hospital bed, it’s the nurses who fill the blank spots in the long days and lonely nights away from our families.  A check for vitals can turn into a conversation, not about cancer, but about the day outside, or a new movie, or a family event.  Anything to make the time pass a little quicker. 

Nurses are not just about medicine.  They are there to catch us when cancer makes us stumble.

I salute them…every one of them.

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