The Room With the Sad Eyes


It is the room filled with sad eyes.  I’d forgotten how powerful it is….what a powerful grip those eyes have on me.

I was in the infusion room yesterday at the cancer center at Hopkins.  Sitting there, visiting a friend who was waiting to get his blood results before a chemo treatment. 

I’d gotten there, early, and at the time the waiting room was full.  The nurses were busy trying to find empty loungers and day beds so they could keep the traffic flowing.  One pod was full.  The chemo pumps were clicking away and if I followed the tubing to the arms that were attached to the pumps and glanced up, I was locked onto those sad eyes.

No matter what stage of chemo, no matter how healthy or sick, a cancer patients eyes speak volumes. 

Staying positive, finding hope in this room is one hard task.  This is the center piece of cancers’ demise..the chemo room.  This is where you go to kill the beast that is trying to kill you.

The nurses who do their jobs so well, try to keep the mood elevated, but sometimes it’s just not possible.  Chemo and cancer is a hard combo to overcome.

The eyes in the room say it all. 

The sparkle, the spunk, the twinkling must be down the hall.

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