Come On Down, Leroy!


Every once in a while, a movie gets made about someone who dies and they come back as an angel to earn their wings, or they never really get to heaven because they still have things to do here on earth. 

There was “Heaven Can Wait” or “Ghost.” You probably have your own favorite that comes to mind.

So today, I got one of those grocery coupon handouts in the mail.  It was filled with ads for everything from tomato soup to razor blades.

Stay with me, because I promise this will all come together!!!

I think most of you knew that Leroy had a sweet tooth.  He was a chocolate lover from ‘way back.  Pumpkin pie was a favorite, so was pecan pie.  But, he LOVED Oreo cookies.

As I turned the pages of this coupon handout, there it was…”Introducing OREO Ultimate Icing.” A dollar off coupon when you buy a squeeze bottle of “A delicious new icing made with OREO cookie pieces.”   

I laughed out loud.  THIS IS IT….if there was anything that would bring him back, OREO Ultimate Icing would be the ticket!!

As they say on “The Price is Right” game show….”Come on down.”

The squeeze bottle will be waiting in the kitchen for you, Leroy.

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