We’re In This Together


I thank you all for your comments from the “Remembering” message.

I came to realize a long time ago, as Leroy and I were just beginning our unchartered course through Cancer World, and as he began to write every day, on the “My Cancer” blog, that this was going to be a life changing event.  Not just because Leroy’s prognosis was so awful but because we really didn’t know where this journey would take us.  How it would mess with our life together and how we would handle it as individuals. 

We had no choice but to take it one day at a time.  Cancer gives you no other choice.  One day life was close to feeling normal and the next day it wasn’t.  So, instead of trying to plan around it, we tried to squeeze the better parts of us into the unsettling parts of our new reality.

That’s what Leroy’s strength was in fighting the disease and I gained my strength from following his lead.  I really think he got stronger as his cancer metastized.   He had found a new family, in all of you, who appreciated his honesty.  Your connection startled him at first, but he eventually grew to understand his words were your words too.  He had the gift of putting into words what so many cancer patients felt.

I’ve tried to do the same from the caregivers place. 

This community has held my hand during some difficult times.  Even though Leroy’s struggle has ended, I still bump heads with fallout from the loss.  I know I’m not  the only one. 

So, we’re still here to help each other over what ever pops up down the road. 

It’s just what we do here.

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