So Many Cars, So Much Cancer


I drove up to the Cancer Center this morning and for some strange reason, the traffic was light. I usually figure on at least an hour because as many of you know, traffic in the D.C. area is horrible. One little hiccup on the Washington Beltway and it’s a parking lot.  Head up 95 North and you’re the filling in an 18-wheeler sandwich. 

But not today….until I got to “cancer central.”  NO room in the parking lot I usually drive into so I went around the corner to the outpatient lot.  Guess what? Top level parking only, and it was filling up fast.  I hated to see it. 

There’s just too much cancer in this world. 

Some who have been in this fight for months, years…Others who are just discovering the beast is living and spreading inside them.  It doesn’t matter where in the fight you are…there are just too many living in this world.

We walk to end cancer.  We donate to end cancer.  We do what ever we can to end cancer and yet the parking lots are full.

Some day…some day this beast will be beaten back.  I truly believe it.

Some day, we won’t have to worry about finding a place to park at any cancer center.

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