Chemo Brain


Chemo brain. 

It’s an awful part of living with cancer.  It’s not enough that chemo therapy is so tough on the body. Sure, it kills cancer cells, but while it’s hunting down the bad guys, it’s steam rolling over the good guys too.  I’ll never forget Leroy’s blog, “My doctors are trying to kill me.”  He talked about wondering what would kill him first, the cancer or the chemo. 

Once you get past that part of it, then you’re faced with the side effects of the drugs.  I have a friend right now, who is battling some terrible side effects of her chemo.  Her cancer is in check.  She’s grateful the chemo is working, but the headaches, the diarrhea, the constipation, the nausea, oh how that weighs heavily on the quality of her life.  And then there’s the chemo brain. 

She says she feels foggy all the time.  Clear thoughts are unreachable.  Some days complete sentences float out there, in her minds’ eye but that’s where they get stuck.   She gets depressed and frustrated and then she starts to wonder, “Is it all worth it?”

That’s the worst part of chemo brain.  It’s another low-down trick cancer plays on its’ victims.  It plants the “doubt” seed and then steps back and watches it grow. 

We’ve talked about quality of life vs. quanity of life many times.  I’m afraid my friend will weaken in her resolve to keep up the fight.  Her chemo brain could turn off that drive to live.

Cancer and it’s side-kicks…more than any one of us can handle.

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