The Friendship Cord


Is it important to cut the cord and step away from the friends we made during “cancer time?”

So many of us connected with our doctors and nurses and other caregivers as we marched through cancer world.  We saw  some of them on a daily basis.  Some were other patients who walked into the chemo room with us because they were on the same treatment schedule.  Some were a part of cancer group sessions where families shared their fears and their feelings.

But once the cancer was treated, or in some cases, took a life, and we moved out of that circle, did we take steps to stay in touch?  Was there a level of comfort there, that was just too hard to separate from? We felt protected and taken care of, in some ways while our loved ones were getting great care.  It was a new way of life that became the new normal. 

Now that we’re out of it and the normal has changed again, where do those “cancer” folks go?   Where do they fit?

I’ve held on to some of them.  They are still important to me in so many ways.  What they did for Leroy and for me will stay a part of me forever.  My friendship circle expanded to make room for these special people.

The “cord” gets stronger every day.

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