I just want to say, I’m thinking all good thoughts for Al today.  Going in for scans after being free of the beast for a while is nothing short of scary time.  I can remember back to those days and they were not fun.  I think the waiting is the worst part of  the process.

When any cancer patient goes in for scans, there should be a special radiologist assigned to read and report as quickly as possible.  You know the old saying in cancer world, “It’s not what we see, it’s what we don’t see that worries us.”  So, going in after being NED, you can only hope there is nothing new to see!!  I’ve always asked the question, where does cancer go when it drops off the scans?  Why can’t they see it?  Why can’t they find it?  Why can’t they attack it before it invades another part of the body?

Cut it off at the pass…ambush it. 

So, Al…I hope hear the letters N-E-D again…real soon.

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