I’m about to step into the week that was.

What does that mean?  This week in June used to be filled with anticipation and celebration.  Now…maybe just the anticipation…or better put…trepidation.

June 16th…Leroy’s birthday.  June 19th…the day we got married.

Each year since he’s been gone, it will be 3, in August, I’ve reacted a little differently.  Maybe that’s because more time between these important dates has changed how I get through them?  I still struggle with the memories of celebrating and the traditions we created around them over the years.  I miss going to the restaurants that screamed “birthday” dinner.  We always opened a specific bottle of wine that brought back memories, not only of birthdays, but of the early days in our relationship.

Birthday cake and wedding cake equalled chocolate cake in our house too.

So, here I go…one step at a time, one day at a time….moving forward, into the week that was.

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