I’m convinced all your Birthday wishes were received loud and clear!!!

I’ve been up at Hopkins all day working on a patient and caregiver project in the world of pancreatic cancer.  I was worried that being up there today would add another layer of stress on an already tough day, but truthfully, it was just the opposite.  Maybe because we spent so much time there and he got such good care and many of his friends from that time are there. 

What ever the reason, I was OK being there.

Hearing from so many of you today, meant so much and if you noticed a lot of hawaiian shirts being worn on the streets, that wasn’t by accident…not today!!

And tonight…there will be a few extra mai tai’s being poured and a little more chocolate being eaten… all with good thoughts and great memories of a big guy, with a big laugh and big heart.

Boy oh boy, do I miss him….

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