He Can Still Draw a Crowd


I’m feelin’ the love today, so I’m going to share it with all of you.

Last night, some of the old crowd gathered to raise a glass to say a belated Happy Birthday and a “We remember everything you stood for” to Leroy. 

The air was thick with humidity, we sat outside on a deck over looking the Potomac River and we told old war stories, talked about career moves, good and bad ones, and basically picked up on conversations that were left off months ago, when we saw each other last.  But that’s how this group works.  Leroy loved the people who worked with him.  He was so proud of their accomplishments.  More than a staff of talented producers and editors and technicians, they were a unit of men and women who had each others’ back. They produced some of the best television news shows on the planet. Leroy had the biggest back of all and he used it to protect his team. 

They have never forgotten that.  They showed it again last night.  When ever we get together to salute the Big Guy, I find myself sitting back at the table, pausing, and just observing.  These are people who have busy lives.  But there they were, taking time away from their families and friends to remember him.  I’m in awe of that.

He can still draw a crowd.

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