We’re Survivors Too…


It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re going through the motions or if you’re really living again, because you’ve survived the most terrible thing you can imagine.  You’ve lost a loved one to cancer and you’ve lived to fight another day.

Waking up to your brave new world isn’t much fun.  It’s filled with challenges you never imagined you would face.  It’s a world of the lonely.  It’s a world of starting over.  It’s face to face with the second step. 

But remember, we looked at our special warriors who were fighting their cancer and we were in awe of their strength.  They looked at each day and faced it and their cancer and never flinched.  It was a different world for them too. 

We have to remind ourselves of that every day.  Talk about role models….what better examples could there be?

We can do this…We’re survivors too….

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