Don’t Forget to Write….


I send an average amount of emails every day.  I try not to stay glued to my computer for hours.  It’s just not a good thing to do.  But it’s fun to say “Hi” and to keep up with friends and family.  I send a few birthday greetings via email, sometimes a serious note but I still find the written word sends the best message.

I heard a wonderful radio report this morning about how the world is forgetting to write.  Email is just so much faster.  And, as we all know, faster is the way of the world these days.  But the written word still carries a stronger message. 

Can you remember back to when you actually took the time to buy a card, put a pen in your hand and sat down to write a little note? 

Staying in touch is one of the most important parts of caregiving.  So many of us have friends or family members who are struggling with cancer these days.  Have you ever thought to just sit down and write a few words to say “I’m thinking of you?”  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I used to send Leroy cards when he was sick.  I’d mail them at our post office and they’d come to our mailbox a day or two later.  Words written from my hand to his heart.  Priceless.  Sending the same thoughts via email would have landed with a big thud.

So pull out a favorite pen and paper and get to work.  Some one out there can’t wait to hear from you. The pen is mightier than the computer.

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