When It’s Working for You…


A lot of emotion riding on this debate about Avastin.

Bottom line….you have breast cancer and you’re taking Avastin.  It’s working.  It’s blasted through all the other therapies you’ve taken and it’s found those cancer cells and it’s killed them.  It’s gone where no other cancer medicine has gone before in YOUR body and it’s put the beast in a box somewhere, at least for now.

So, YOU, the breast cancer patient, with the help of your insurance company should be able to continue to take this medicine, right? Not so according to the FDA….and now, an advisory committee to the FDA agreed in a unanimous vote of 6-0 that the drug should not be approved for breast cancer. 

According to reports, this appointed committee feels the risks of the drug out-weigh the benefits.  Too much toxicity and the drug did not appear to help women live longer or have a better quality of life.

Avastin will stay on the market because it’s approved for several other cancers.  But, if the FDA follows the panel’s recommendation, insurance companies and Medicare would be less likely to cover it’s big price tag for breast cancer.

I wonder who on either committe has anyone close to them who might be fighting breast cancer today?  Might be taking Avastin and seeing a benefit from it?  I’m just wondering….would they vote the same way?

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