It’s the ‘Fourth’ For Everyone…


There is no summer vacation in cancer world is there?  I was on the highway this afternoon, after some meetings in Baltimore and rolled smack-dab into the beginning of the July 4th traveling crowd.  Folks who figured, “Why not leave on Thursday?  No one will be on the road Thursday.”  Hah…not exactly.  Cars were packed with beach toys, luggage, surfboards and smiles.  Heading to the beach for the long weekend.

My head was still back at the cancer center and I thought about the patients who were leaving there with no idea that all that extra traffic was in their immediate future.  Some would be feeling the hangover from radiation, others coping with chemo brain and no doubt a few who had just found out their lives had changed with the diagnosis of a cancer.  Summer vacation, even a long holiday weekend would be spent recuperating or rebounding from that experience.

My hope for them is that they find a little time in the days ahead to enjoy and celebrate the Fourth of July and the good things that go along with it. 

Don’t let the beast get the best of this holiday. 

Wishing all a happy and safe Fourth…Happy Birthday, USA!!!

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