Strangers, Yet So Alike


Two men who don’t know each other.  Two men fighting the beast with every thing they’ve got. 

Two of the strongest men I’ve ever met.

They were both diagnosed around the same time.  One has colon cancer, the other has leukemia.  Both have gone through extreme steps to stay alive.  Multiple surgeries on the colon and a bone marrow transplant….and that’s just dealing with the cancer.

It’s what has happened to each of them aside from the cancer, that’s made them into warriors. 

Not that having colon cancer isn’t enough, one warrior suffered a stroke in the midst of his cancer treatment.  The doctors had to stop treating the cancer, while a new set of doctors stepped-up to treat the stroke.  It took a very long time to get him to a place where they could concentrate on the cancer again.  But they did it and he had the strength and the will to fight another battle. 

With leukemia and a bone marrow transplant, a big bag of side effects comes with the procedure.  This has got to be one of the most difficult “corrections” of a disease out there.  In many cases, if the leukemia doesn’t kill you, the bone marrow transplant certainly could and if you get through those two killers, all the other problems that arise from the new marrow put a body through such an ordeal, it’s a wonder, my friend is still, as he likes to put it, “vertical.”

But these are two of the strongest warriors to walk this earth.  I’m sure they don’t see themselves this way….but I want them to know, I do.

I bow to your spirit.  I applaud your will to live another day.

You may not know each other, but you were cut from the same cloth.  Bravo!

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