Hats Off…Scarves Too!!

She’s been through many rounds of chemo now and it hasn’t been easy.  Two different kinds of cancer was found in one of her breasts, so you know treatment was fast and furious and now she’s bald.  That’s what so many chemo’s leave as a trademark of treatment.

At first, she wore scarves, sometimes hats….these were ways to disguise her baldness.  This woman has one of the best faces too.  Big brown eyes that speak to you with a simple glance.  Her cheeks are full and they frame a beautiful smile.  So I’m sure she felt uneasy in the beginning, without her hair.  She didn’t want her young daughters to be embarrassed of Mom. 

But now that’s changed.  Now, it’s her daughters who are telling her, ‘Go for it, Mom.’  And so that’s exactly what she’s done.  She’s taken the ‘Bald is Beautiful’ approach and gone are the hats, gone are the scarves.  With cancer you get this….a new look and a new strength to go with it.

My friend is back to work and back in life.  And she’s getting more comfortable with her baldness every day.  Her hair may be gone, but she isn’t.  She is still smart.  She is still savy and she is in the game. 

And somewhere in her home, there’s a huge pile of scarves and a few hats too.  Who needs ’em!!

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