Pull Up a Chair….


I think it’s time for us to gather at the round table. 

I’m talking about all the big cancer movers and shakers in this country…Some leading doctors, researchers, founding fathers of cancer foundations, all the folks who have made a big footprint on this disease and then and most importantly,  include some long standing cancer warriors. People who have been through the hell of cancer treatment and the agony of metastatic disease.

Everyone comes to the table, but the only voices spoken, are those of the warriors.  The “experts” need to listen to these warriors.  Listen and take notes…the warriors will tell them what their real concerns are when it comes to treatment, healing, living and dying.

Care givers should be included at the table too.  We know about these things.  Experience has taught us what the real concerns of living with cancer are…so much more than the medical side of the disease.

We’ve seen town meetings on so many subjects….the economy, finding a job, war. 

Why not cancer?

Pull up a chair.

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