An Ocean Full of Memories

Just looking at the Pacific brings tears and memories.

I’m back from a quick trip to the West coast and even though there was work to do, my feet and my heart pulled me to the ocean where so much of my life is exposed with every wave that breaks.  The Pacific is like a canvas, playing out the memories of a life that was filled with a lot of love and hope and ultimately, sadness. 

It is a place where Leroy and I shared so many great pieces of our lives. Two Southern California kids who came together and built a life. That ocean was the glue.  We would visit it like an old friend.  It would wash over us as we swam beneath its surface, cover us in a salty spray as we walked and talked along its shoreline and provided us with so many back-drops for a perfect sunset picnic.

And now, gently carrying Leroy’s ashes in the currents, this ocean holds the most precious memory of all. 

Each time I visit my old friend, I feel a reconnection. 

It’s my ocean full of memories.

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