Cancer Gets an Emmy?


The Emmy nominations are out and can you imagine, “The Big C” a cable show starring Laura Linney as a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer was nominated.  Actually, it was Linney who was nominated for her role on the show.  It’s a comedy. 

The TV academy voters are usually pretty tame when it comes to their picks for the little statue.  But, nominating “The Big C” main character changes all of that. 

I have watched this show.  It’s not easy for me sit on the couch and see how the writers have created a comedic theme around cancer.  I wonder sometimes, after a particular scene that isn’t funny, but hits home with anyone who has lived in cancer world, just how the audience ‘out there’ in TV-land is handling this show?

Maybe I’m just too close to the subject.  I admit it, I usually don’t find much to laugh about when it comes to cancer. 

But this could be a good thing, this nomination.  Laura Linney’s professional star hangs high in Hollywood and she’s bringing attention to a disease that can only benefit from the spotlight. 

So when the red carpet is rolled out in a few weeks and all the television cameras find Laura Linney, dressed in fashion couture, looking like anything but a cancer patient, wish her the best.  Hope that her name is called and the statue lands in her hands. 

Cancer, getting an Emmy, would mark the first time, it would be connected to anything that’s good.

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