What Would We Do Without It?


I was back at the cancer center yesterday and once again, it was far too crowded.  Too many cancer patients….Too many caregivers. 

Some sit, waiting for their treatments with blank stares on their faces.  I wonder where they are? Where have their thoughts taken them?  Hopefully it’s back to a time when cancer wasn’t a factor.  Maybe they see a beautiful mountain range and hear the birds singing or maybe they’re on a beach somewhere with a cool, salty breeze and endless blue skies.  Better times and better places, they deserve those day dreams.

The caregivers have looks of worry and fatigue too.  You can tell who has been in this fight a long time.  The weary eyes, even the smiles have changed.

But still, there they are, in the fight.  The fight for life.  When the treatment is complete, they take off the hospital gown, change back into street clothes and step back into the new normal.  Hopefully, the treatment killed a lot of cancer cells today.  Hopefully, any tumor spread was stopped another day.

HOPE-fully….What would we do without it?

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