When In Doubt….What?


Are you ever in doubt about your care?  There are a lot of opinions out there about treating cancer.  Do you ever question your doctor’s decision about a certain type of therapy?  How informed are you about your type of cancer?  Are you in the right place for the best treatment?

These are all questions you need to answer to get the best care for your cancer.  And there are no easy answers.  It takes research, point blank questions to your doctors and a good advocate who can share in finding the answers.

I think sometimes doctors are reluctant to send their patients elsewhere for better treatment.  Not ‘different’ treatment, but better treatment.  Some cancer centers do it better….that’s all there is too it.  They do the research, they gather the experts, they have the knowledge and they present the patient with better alternatives.  The last thing you ever want to hear facing a new doctor is, “I wish you’d come here a year ago, we could have really helped you.”

When that diagnosis is presented, wouldn’t it be a good thing to ask, “Is this the best place for me in my present condition?”

Then you have options; make the choice to stay where you are or get your cancer to the specialist down the road who might have a better idea on how to treat it.

The worst thing that could happen, is that you never asked. 

When in doubt…What?  ASK

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