A Note to Dom

Dear Dom,

We don’t know each other, but I’m here to tell you, among the many who are thinking of you, and sharing in your struggle right now, is a community we call “Our Cancer.”  We came together many years go by way of my husband, Leroy Sievers.  As he faced his cancer, he created a blog known as “My Cancer.”  He put it all out there…his feelings, his anger, his disease and his honesty.  It created quite a gathering and a sharing and that’s where we come from today.  This group is sending you, Dom, our most sincere embrace.  We know how you feel.  We know what you’re going through and we know you have one of our best caregivers at your side.

Laurie has been there.  She will give you the support that you need.  Caregivers learn a lot going through a cancer experience, just like the cancer patient.  We know when it’s important to stop talking and just listen.  We know when it’s important to pull up a chair and sit by the bed and just be there.  We know when it’s time to hold your hand gently and let you feel the friendship and love that flows from one heart to the other. 

This is the time when the GIVING part of caregiving kicks-in and your pal, Laurie has all the tools, trust me, on this.

Dom, I speak for us all, when I say; We’re sorry you’re going through this, we know it’s a difficult time.

We wish you well.

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