Muscle Memory


Muscle memory, a term gym rats use a lot.  Getting back into exercise, the muscles remember and return to form once they get back to a familiar routine. 

See where I’m going?

Laurie Hirth is back in a familiar place, sadly, and her ‘caregiver’ muscle memory has taken over.  Her friend Dom is all the better for it too.  He’s in good hands as his pancreas cancer causes him such terrible discomfort.  It’s a difficult cancer to treat and when it’s in an advanced place, it can cause a lot of distress.

Laurie is not just treating the symptoms, she’s treating Dom’s heart too.  At this point in the disease, that’s the most important part.  The heart will soothe his mind.  Comfort is what’s needed now.

And once again, this community rallied around Laurie, just as they have done hundreds of times before.  Brady called us a ‘strange band’ and he’s probably right about that, but there’s no better band around.  We’ve suffered and felt the bite of cancer and some how we’ve come through it.  Some of us are still in the fight and get stronger every day, thanks, in part, to the experience this community has put out there and shared. 

The ‘muscle memory’ of OUR CANCER is in no danger of atrophy.  We give it a healthy workout every day.

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