Do You Remember How To Lift?


Such heavy burdens “Our Cancer” carries on it’s shoulders today.  So much sadness and way too much suffering. 

Yet, with all of these struggles and loss of so many loved ones, there is strength in the words and spirit in the telling of your sorrow. 

This community is unique.  It really is.  WE can come here and lay it all out on the table.  We can talk about how sad we are, we can talk about how much we hurt, or how afraid we are that this disease is getting the best of us.   What we get in return is  friendship, support, strong shoulders to lean on and above all, some heavy lifting.  

Today, it’s not just about cancer and that’s OK too.  We make room for any turning point in life. 

But it seems to be an especially demanding day for ‘lifting.’

You all remember the count, don’t you? 1-2-3 LIFT!

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