Cancer treatment is always hard. 

I have a friend who is heading back down the chemo road today after getting a much needed break from the infusion room.  She faces some tough choices.  Her current treatment seems to be working.  There hasn’t been any sign of her cancer showing up in other organs or in her primary location, so she’s opted to get back in that chair and deal with all the ugly things that come with chemo.

Her doctor has been very honest when she asks the big questions about her future.  What if she decides she’s had enough of the chemo, or wants to take a longer break, what happens then?  The answers aren’t easy to take.  A longer break or a forever break, probably means giving the “green light” to the cancer….no more poison to stop the spread.

Is she tired of fighting?  Is she making the choice to stop the battle?  Is she so fed-up with having “chemo brain” and feeling like she’s got the flu all the time?  I wouldn’t be surprised if she would nod yes to all of these questions? 

But she’s not willing to give up.

This cancer patient, like so many others, gets weary, but weary is different than giving-up.

So this afternoon, she’s extended her arm, the nurse has programmed the pump and the drip has started, yet again.

Tough choices…living with cancer.

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