Cancer, Go AWAY…


Two strong voices in Al’s life have been silenced by cancer, in heatbeats of each other. I’m so sorry.  It’s overwhelming when you think of it.  These were two people who had full lives and shared them with Al and his wife, in what seemed an almost daily event.  Those voices are gone now because of this disease that seems to be running wild within this community these days.

Laurie just went through her ordeal, Mo is in an emotional hurt because of cancer, I’ve got three friends battling this beast at the moment and now Al and his wife have lost dear friendships and the list just goes on and on.

I hope this isn’t a window into what cancer is doing ‘out there.’  I hope cancer hasn’t broken free and is running unrestrained through the streets.  What is going on? 

Are we just in a bad place at the moment?  Will all this turn around soon and we’ll hear that our friends and family members are responding to treatment or that the lab coats have found a way to prevent a cancer?  Wouldn’t that be a treat to hear about “prevention” in cancer world instead of treatment options?

Right now, I’ll settle for anything other than what we’ve been coping with, these past few days.

So much loss….too much cancer.

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