Need Some Good Vibes Today…

OK…my turn.

Two friends…two different cancers….both in need of some seriously big-time lifting.

You may remember the post from the other day about a friend who was heading back to the chemo room, after a break from her treatment.  It appears that her cancer did not take a break.  While she was working on getting stronger and healthier and clearing her head from the side effects of chemo brain, her cancer went out in search of new soil and it appears it found what it was looking for.  More tests and scans are needed to pin-down just exactly what is happening in her body, but there’s little doubt she’s be in for some rough road ahead.  What kind of treatment can be offered?  Is she up to the fight?  It’s a heartbreaking, unforgettable day.

And on the heels of that news, comes word that my friend with leukemia is being challenged too.  That nasty graft-versus-host disease is unrelenting.  He’ll take two steps forward and then four steps back.  He’s in what could turn out to be his toughest fight yet and I’m very worried about him.  He’s been so strong throughout this ordeal.  I need your help to send those good vibes to both these warriors.

Another day and more need for thoughts of healing in our world of cancer.

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