Night Time Scares Me


Before I do anything, I want to say THANK YOU for all you wonderful messages.  Yesterday was a very rough day for me and your heartfelt words meant the world to me.  REALLY.  I take away a lot of comfort from this place and I needed it yesterday.

I’m writing very late because I’m very worried and concerned for my friend Bruce.  He’s fighting for his life.  No, the leukemia hasn’t returned….it’s the same old story when we talk about our old foe, cancer.  It’s all the ugly stuff that comes with the disease, that can cause more damage than the diseasae itself, so many times. 

The night time scares me, because it’s a time when the body shifts gears.  It almost seems like it powers down and right now Bruce can’t afford to power down on any front.  He needs to stay strong through the night.  He needs to fight with every cell in his body.  What ever is left of his immune system has  got to come together and fight like hell.

This is THE night of all the tough nights he’s had since his bone marrow transplant.

“Come on, Bruce…you can do this…you CAN do this.”

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